Said to be the vanquisher of all that is evil, The Sacred One, an ascended human being that became a demi-god, wishes to rid Deiranar of its filth, and unite it all under his banner of peace and enlightenment. With this ideal, he created Archeos, a city state which is adorned by countless shrines and temples to the holy and sacred light. This light has a name, however. It rests by The Sacred One’s side in the form of the Soul Orb of Alu’Terasa, the Radiant Vindicator. His essence is one of light and purity, and now awakened by The Sacred One, it seeks to spread at his command, to create a pure world, which may last forever, through all centuries. Because of all this, Archeos is the only kingdom to have discovered the ability to wield the light as a weapon, and forged their own elite paladin order; the Archain Lords.



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