The Scaravian Desert is a large and arid wasteland, which holds many secrets, of whom some should never be uncovered. For ages, one of these secrets was the nomad civilisation of Scaravus. These desert warriors never had any interest in joining the conflict for rule over Deiranar. As such, they are the oldest state currently present. It has only been a decade or two since Scaravus has entered the fray. The head chief of the Scaravus Tribe, Al’tajin, was blessed by the gift of visions and was revered as the great prophet of the desert. He has led his people in their struggle to survive in the harsh wastelands, and managed to erect a mighty desert citadel to safeguard his people. However, on a certain night, Al’tajin received a vision of an abandoned shrine near his mighty city. Knowing better than to ignore his visions, he went there, and there he found the Soul Orb of Ik’Yamar, the Sand Scorpion. A mighty and viscious beast, yet endowed with great wisdom, the Meragaia spoke to Al’tajin. He gave the people of Scaravus a purpose: To end the fighting for Deiranar by surpassing all who wish to take control of it. Al’tajin brought this message over to his people, and they gladly agreed to fight for their leader. Going in battle with battle techniques and hardiness that was only known to them, this stealthy yet deadly army came on the move, led by the visions of Al’tajin.



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